Posted by: thechos | January 9, 2008


Okay, so it’s been a while since mommy has had a chance to post anything new but she’s back…finally! Getting more than 3 hours sleep and adjusting to being a mommy of two has been a bit of a challenge but she’s learning every day. Especially now, since daddy has been back at work!
This past winter has been a whirlwind of activity including the arrival of the newest member to our family…Matteah! Mommy says that Mattie is better behaved than I was when I was her age. Can that be true? Mattie has been allowing mommy to sleep more than 3 hours which apparently, I didn’t always do. She’s also a lot more easy going and just sleeps most of her days. Boy is she missing out on the world! Don’t worry, I will show her the ropes when she’s old enough to stay awake for more than half an hour! I love her to pieces. I help out mommy whenever I can and I can’t stand it when mommy doesn’t pick her up when she’s crying. I insist that she’s held until she stops. I give her lots of kisses, but apparently too many because I managed to share my cold with her (and the entire Cho clan). My kisses are sure contagious!! I help rock her in her bouncy chair and make sure that mommy knows where Mattie is at all times! I do have to admit that on occasion I have called her Eden. Eden is my newest cousin. She’s the sister to Caleb and Micah. She arrived in November, just three weeks before Mattie. The girls are going to rule…poor Caleb!!

This December also marked the turning of my ripe old age of 2. Two sure is old! I dance and sing, jump and get some air, sing songs that I know the tune to but no one understands the words and talk up a storm. I am always asking questions and make sure that I keep mommy and daddy busy by making them do everything with me. They say I am hitting my terrible two’s but I say I am expressing my personal views and opinions! Is it so bad that I think my bedtime routine lacks variety and that I need to ask to go to the potty, drink of water or read more books before I really am tired? My personal expressions (the ones that entail crying and screaming), the ones I am passionate about, have landed me in time out though! I guess I should curb a little of the passion, huh?

As well, not only did Mattie join our family but my “Bak Bak”, finally got married and we welcomed “Chi Chi” to our family. Collectively as the Cho clan we can say “FINALLY”! We were all excited and had a great time. I was asked to be a flower girl but on the day of the wedding I decided that walking down the aisle and having everyone stare at me was just a little too much. Needless to say, I had a very pretty dress to wear!
Well that’s it for now! Check out our newest pics and thanks for being so patient with the posts! Now that mommy has gotten herself a little more organized we should be definitely updating you on our family more frequently!!



  1. Hi there,
    We missed so much new postings on your blog and were so happy your Mommy updated it. We missed so much reading about your growing up and could not wait to read about your little sister. Wow, I cannot beleive your Mommy gave you a timeout. That is not like her. I think you should work on her 🙂
    XOX from Europe,

  2. hi kiyah, welcome back to the blogsphere! your mommy tells me you’re a wonderful big sister, always eager to hug and kiss mattie. i’m sure you’ll continue to be a super helper now that daddy’s gone back to work.

    don’t worry too much about time-outs. you’ll learn to avoid it soon enough 😉

  3. Hi Kiyah!
    The last photo of you and your sister is very cute! You are a great big sister, always showering your little sister with kisses and making sure everyone notices her.

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