Posted by: thechos | May 20, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do…

Wow! Has it already been two months since the last post? Mommy’s been a bit busy. She and Auntie Mars are working on something so they have been a little preoccupied.
As for Mattie and I, we have been busy with Music and Art class. Music class is my favourite because I get to sing and dance. Don’t be surprised if you hear me humming a familiar tune or making up my own. As for dancing I do a whole lot of that too. Besides, Mattie loves to watch me dance around. Speaking of Mattie, she’s been squawking like a bird. I guess that’s her way of communicating with us. It sure does get our attention because she’s so loud. She’s also been sitting up on her own but sometimes she needs a bit of help balancing or she ends up doing face plants into her activity mat, right daddy? Oh, and she’s drooling like crazy. We don’t see any teeth yet but she sure does love to blow raspberries. We laugh at her when she does it so that’s probably why she keeps doing it until her bib is dripping wet. Mattie is always full of smiles and daddy calls her smiley. You need to just give her a big grin and she’ll smile right back at you.
Another few weeks and Mattie is going to start eating big girl food or at least something mushy. She’s looking forward to it because she’s always trying to steal a bite. She’s been close to getting into some chocolate cake…smart girl!
Mommy has been telling me I am turning to be a bit of a sassy girl. She’s hoping I grow out of that soon because she’s scared I will be a bad influence on Mattie. I am still working on my independence, so I want to make sure that I can do everything myself. I want to put on my own clothes, shoes, and jacket. I want to pick my own food. I want to pour my own cup of milk. I want to get into the car seat and put on my own seat belt. I would even drive the car if mommy let me.
I have to admit that my ideas are not always my own. I do borrow some of them from my wonderful cousins. Mommy calls this the “monkey see monkey do…” phase. Caleb and Micah are wonderful monkeys to follow. They always have great ideas when it comes to playing, running, jumping or just being plain old silly. Although, I must admit this does often times lead to a bit of monkey wrestling or monkey crying though.
Hopefully our next post won’t take as long! So long for now from this little monkey!



  1. We have missed reading your blog! Welcome back you little monkey (and Smiley too!!!)

  2. that’s not what your mommy tells your Di-Yee. Di-Yee has to remind your mommy that your monkey cousins are teaching you some tough-girl skills and are not really being …ahem, bad influences at all.

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