Posted by: thechos | September 18, 2008

A Baker’s Dozen on Vacation

We have started a somewhat new tradition in our family. A couple years ago we decided to start taking family vacations with my entire immediate family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins included. Mostly, it was so that we could all vacation together and enjoy one another’s company but with the added bonus of nannies and babysitters to help us out. Well appreciated!!! Many thanks, many thanks to Gong-Gong, Paw-Paw, Sam-Yee and Beuw-Yee. We definitely couldn’t vacation like this without family that didn’t love and accept our noisy, crazy, whiny, talkative, cranky, hungry, inquisitive, kooky, and energetic kids (hubbies included, right, Nan?). This year we decided to head south for a trip to Portland. Planning a vacation like this does come with its challenges though. We know that our numbers may grow in the future and we have yet to decide on a cap as to how many will be our limit. For the time being if we can find accommodations that will allow us all to sleep comfortably than we are in.

Of course, planning like this comes down to the two older, more opinionated, sometimes called “bossy”, older-more wise sisters. Our planning consisted of:

  • finding a place to stay that would accommodate all 13 of us — not always an easy feat and requires planning half a year in advance, with room configurations that allow the little kids to sleep while the adults can stay up. Included in this may be having kids sleep in walk-in-closets and bathrooms!!!
  • planning activities that appeals to the masses — entails researching activities and planning them to each day with the option to change if something comes up
  • planning meals for each day because feeding 13 people for a week is challenging, especially when you have some that can’t eat wheat, milk, eggs, cheese or meat
  • ensuring that everyone has travel arrangements to and from our vacation
  • strictly enforcing a one overnight bag limit for each person traveling so that there was enough room to fit everything
  • packing the mini-vans strategically so that there was enough room for everyone to sit safely for the duration of our road-trip.

Our vacation to Portland required a 4am departure so that we could allow the kids (big and small, right Ange?) to sleep for the majority of the trip and an avoidance of waiting at the borders. Potty breaks were a definite must and you had to be quick when the announcement was made. Keen eyes on the I-5 were required so that the next exit could be taken to avoid any accidents in the car.

All in all, we had a great time! We stayed at a beautiful house and made use of all the amenities. We got some outlet shopping done, made it to the beach (Seaside), went to Multnomah Falls, explored a beautiful city, learned to play cribbage and tried out some famous Voodoo donuts — (mmmmm…Memphis Mafia…boo…Mango Madness). Yah-Yah had a great time with her cousins. All three of them running rampant throughout the house. Who wouldn’t like a vacation where everyone caters to your every whim — where bed time and nap time weren’t always followed to a “T”.

While on vacation, Mattie moved from her “Roomba-like” crawling to being up on her knees. She still isn’t ready to make the move to completely crawling on her knees but moves a couple inches forward before resorting to her army crawl. I am sure she is looking forward to the next vacation where she will be able to run around with all the big kids.

That’s it for now! Hope you all had an opportunity to have a wonderful summer vacation this year
or we have convinced you to try one with your families next year! Really they are great fun!



  1. i’m all for family vacations, cuz i think we (the parents of our zany & well-catered-to kids) benefit the most…..hmm, where should we go next year?? and who should we “invite” along to become our nannies? any takers?

  2. yeah…I think we might need fresh meat because I think we are going to wear the family ties pretty thin. how about our adopted brother???

  3. i love the new header! Yah yah looks so mature! And Matties face is awesome πŸ˜€

    I’d be your nanny although 5 kids would wear me out. Can you pay me my regular billing rates? πŸ˜‰

  4. i see Mattie has discovered the 5th major food group ~ donuts =9

    what an awesome family tradition! and fyi, no one is bossy… just wise and diligent πŸ˜‰

  5. We would love to have you as a nanny, except that we wouldn’t be able to afford you!!! Your billing rate would probably be our entire budget for our trip!!!

  6. Char, yes we are very wise and diligent!! We just need to convince our family about that!!!

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