Posted by: thechos | November 15, 2008

Our First Dates

Are you tired of the rain yet?  Every year we get lots of rain around this time but it’s always so hard to get use to it.  Yah-yah loves the rain only because she gets to wear her butterfly boots.  She loves putting them on and splashing in the puddles.  Mind you even on sunny days she wants to wear her boots! 

This past month or so we thought we would start a new tradition with our girls. Date Night 1 I can’t remember who it was that told us but we loved the idea none-the-less. They told us we needed to date our kids.  We have started to take Yah-yah on dates.  We will start it with Mattie when she is old enough.  Yah-yah got to pick her date night location.   With daddy she decided to pick “Old MacDonald’s” (aka McDonald’s).   She was so excited to go with him and talks about her date night every time we drive by a McDonald’s. Date Night 2 She always starts off with “remember our date night….??”.   I took her to a place called BabyEats and she really enjoyed that as well.  It was actually really nice to be able to spend one-on-one time with her.  I missed being able to just have her all to myself.   I can’t wait to start doing this with Mattie when she’s old enough.  Actually, I told the hubby we need to start dating ourselves as well.  I can’t remember the last time we had a dinner and a movie on our own.

Yah-yah also made her first trip to the dentist.  She did a great job!  She surprises me all the time.  I thought there would be tears and tantrums but there was actually none of that.  She opened wide,First Dentist Visit had her teeth brushed and flossed.  The part that I think she hated the most was having the fluoride trays in her mouth but who likes that.  I am certain that her being able to watch Treehouse while all of this was happening definitely helped the process.  She shocked me even more when the entire family went in to get our flu shots.  She loves playing doctor at home and often times she’s the one administering all the shots and check-ups.  I brought along Mr. Bear for her comfort and she held on to him for dear life, while she sat on my knee.  She watched the needle go in and didn’t let out a single tear or cry.  Wow!  Either she’s got a really thick skin or a really high tolerance for pain.

Mattie continues to amaze me with all that she’s learning.  She nods her head whenever we ask her questions like she knows exactly what weMy Little Kitty Cat are talking about.  There is something about Cheerios that always puts a smile on her face.  She definitely knows what we are saying when we ask her if she wants Cheerios. Her sleeping is definitely getting better and she allows me to be able to get at least 7 hours of continuous sleep.  Perhaps she senses that I am headed back to work soon.  She is also starting to learn to walk with a walker.  She still getting use to it because often times it runs away from her and she ends up going a little quicker than she expects.  She loves it though.  Mattie Waving "Hi"She is a speedster on her knees as well.  She’s also become a little fearless.  For her there use to be an invisible barrier in the living room.  She never roamed by herself beyond our living room.  One day, she discovered there was more to our house than the couch and now she’s everywhere.  You can always hear her little hands pattering along the hardwood floors.  We have to make sure that all the doors are closed so she doesn’t start discovering on her own.  She especially loves Yah-yah’s room because it’s full of goodies to explore.

That’s it for now!  Keep dry and warm!  Winter smells like it’s just around the corner.




  1. aww yeah good for Yah yah… i’m scared of the dentist still, and to hear she isnt.. hehe that is so awesome. I have heard kids scream when i am at work.

    I totalli agree wit you Chris its true Mattie realli does understand when we ask her bout Cheerios it scared the girls that were feeding her on sunday… and she would smile too hehe…

  2. did you get the dating your kids idea from Jon & Kate plus 8? (or as i like to call it, Alexis plus nine) 🙂

    i heard Little Nest (charles & commercial) is a really fun kids-friendly cafe…serves organic, seasonal food. maybe it can be your next date destination? (with Yah-yah, not Kenny of course)

  3. No, I don’t think it was from Alexis plus nine. I think we bumped into a couple on one of our trips and they told us how they use to take their daughters all the time.

    We will check out Little Nest. Thanks for the suggestion.

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