Posted by: thechos | October 24, 2008

Oooh “Mercy”

A Little Unsure?

A Little Unsure? A Little Scared?

The fall has finally arrived. The cold mornings, the glorious hues on the trees and who can miss the rainy days. This fall is a little different for us in that Yah-yah has started preschool. We are into the second month of school and still have mornings when she’s not quite sure if she wants to go. She’s made a couple of friends so far and randomly starts singing songs she’s learning. She’s also getting to learn some Italian and Yoga. We often wonder if she’s just as kooky at school as she is at home. Is she a terror? Does she listen? Does she share? Is she a bully? Or is she being bullied? And to think this is preschool…wait until she reaches high school. Eeekkk!!

Mattie has been making leaps and bounds. She’s started cruising furniture and has been crawling all over the house. She’s a quick study as she is signing “more” and “all done”, waving “bye”, saying “mumma” and has a few other tricks up her sleeve. She recently battled through the addition of four new top teeth. She has the cheesiest smile as she squints her eyes and flashes those pearly whites. We’ve also been able to spend a little more time together now that Ga-jea is at school. We are trying to avoid the second child syndrome but apparently my lack of dedicated blogging has already made it inevitable. I was a second child and turned out not too bad. (Right Nan and Wah?)

We recently came back from a trip to Quebec City and Montreal. I still remember the beautiful reds, oranges, greens and yellows in the trees were when we were driving from the airport. It’s a wonderful province. With much reluctance the Wu’s accompanied us. The reluctance wasn’t on our part but more so the Wu’s as we decided to bring Yah-yah with us. They invited us but I am sure wanted to retract that invitation when we decided to bring our girls along. Yah-yah added some spunk to our trip to say the least but that’s only because she wanted to make sure Di-yee and Uncle M wouldn’t be missing their own kids. All in all, we loved all the beautiful history that was so rich in Quebec City and Montreal and the wonderful food (thanks Karen for the great recommendations!!). Just a tip, do not look for Etienne Cartier’s tombstone in the Notre Dame Cemetery as you may miss the bus and lunch!!! The Metro is definitely not stroller friendly but I would trade our Skytrain for it any day. Kudos to Montrealers!! They are so friendly. There were many times when we had our maps out and people would stop and ask if we needed help. I am going to try and be more like that here!

Yah-yah learned some French and insisted that we say “mercy” (merci) to everyone. She got to taste her first poutine, french crepe, and smoked meat sandwich. She loved the airplane and the train ride. Actually, I think it was the lolly that she really enjoyed on the plane. It was her first taste of candy ever. She learned quickly that if her ears hurt from the ascent and decent she could get one. Watching Treehouse (cartoons) on the plane I am sure added to the excitement! Mattie on the other hand learned to scream at the top of her lungs. That was a joy when we were at restaurants. I couldn’t give her Cheerios fast enough. I am sure we angered many restaurant patrons. Luckily, she lost that need when we got home. We also discovered that she’s a fan toeng (rice pot) just like her dad. We lugged 10lbs of jarred baby food for her only to discover she wasn’t a fan of any variety. When we got home and made her mushy rice and congee she couldn’t get enough. I guess a true Cho she is.

All in all we had a wonderful vacation and it was nice to be able to take the girls to experience our beautiful country. Time is fast approaching where I am going to be back at work so I definitely am trying to savour all our moments that we get together.

Make sure to stop and look at all the beautiful changing leaves. It took me a trip to the east to discover we have trees just as beautiful here.



  1. Mercy for the post! 🙂

  2. Bienvenue! (I think that’s right? Any french speakers out there?)

  3. I had a French teacher who lamented the use of “Bienvenue” as “you’re welcome”, saying it was a horrible misuse of French and only something a Quebecer would do. She insisted on using “De rien” (“It’s nothing”).

    Lovely post! Glad to hear y’all had a great time!

  4. yeah, I suppose “de rien” is correct, but what fun is that? I vote for “derrière” =)

  5. glad to see ya’ll went to schwartz! I was just thinking about their smoked meat the other day…
    (I’m a former Quebecer and I say “de rien”!)

  6. de rien it is!! But I do agree derrière is a lot more fun to say!

    Mmmm….still dreaming about Schwartz!!

  7. In Spanish, it’s “de nada” 🙂

  8. hey, i was just talking to mark and he was saying that he’s missing all the food we ate while away, especially the crepes and Schwartz’s. thinking to pull the “souvenir” out of the deep freeze to celebrate his birthday.

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