Posted by: thechos | January 23, 2008

We Did It!

One more thing can be crossed off mommy’s list of accomplishments…taking us girls shopping. Yes, after 7 weeks mommy finally ventured out of the house with Mattie and me, all by herself. It may seem rather trivial at first but the intricacies of being out on our own had caused mommy much worry and trepidation. Visions of me running down the store aisles and pulling things off the shelf and Mattie screaming in her car seat made the thought of going somewhere public not even a consideration. With the gorgeous sunny day staring at us through the window mommy knew she would have to do it sooner or later. All of us fed, bathroom trips made and diaper bag stocked she bundled us up and headed out. Mind you it was just a two hour outing to pick up some toilet paper, Draino and a few other supplies. So you may be asking why it took two hours to pick up a few things. The drive to and from the stores was about 25 minutes. My small bladder accounted for 10 minutes and 3 trips in and out of our car seats into and out of shopping carts took 30 minutes. Negotiations on my part for my favourite CD and stickers took another 5 minutes. All in all, our entire shopping trip was great. I didn’t scream down any aisle and Mattie didn’t make a peep. We are saving that for later! We thought we would ease mommy into the whole thing. Watch the Visa bill, daddy!! Once mommy and Auntie Mars get coordinated they are going to be hitting the malls!
Mattie also marked her official entry into Cho babyhood with her very first “blowout”. Apparently I am quite infamous for these having a few spectacular ones in my diaper days. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term a blowout is exactly as it sounds. Blowing out the front, back, or side in any combination. We do have to give the honours to Eden though. A few weeks ago she required some hosing off as her blowout ended up her back and side, all the way up to her armpits. Way to go, Eden!! I think that comes pretty close to my all time record at Granville Island.
Mattie is still sleeping lots but I try and make lots of noise so that she’ll stay up and play with me. Mommy says it will take some more time for her to actually stay up during the day.
We are finally getting out and about for a couple days out of the week. I can’t wait to see what else mommy has planned for us this up coming year. I am so happy to have mommy with me! Mind you, I am sure mommy is counting on being able to drop me off at grandma and grandpa, occasionally, so that I don’t forget their faces.

Anyway, that’s it for this week! Hopefully we will be out for more adventures for me to share with you.



  1. Hi Kiyah,
    You and your sister are bigger every time you write to us. I’m sure your sister will start being more alert and awake soon and you will be able to play with her. Your grandma and grandpa must be getting bored now that they are not looking after you. Enjoy your time at home with your Mom and make sure she doesn’t get too much free time 🙂 Happy Chinese New Year,

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