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Mommy, Is That A Ball Under Your Tummy?

I have been asking mommy and daddy for weeks if mommy’s been hiding a ball under her tummy and just recently found out that it’s not a ball but indeed a baby. That’s right, I will be expecting a little brother or sister at the end of the year. I haven’t decided what I want yet; a brother or sister, but when I do I will be sure to let you know.

The months have been flying by so quickly and I haven’t much opportunity to update you all on the progress of the family. Between mommy’s nausea and daddy’s trips out at all hours for Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread, to curb mommy’s cravings, the Cho household has been busy.

These past couple months have kept me occupied with parades and activities. With the most recent activity, being a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium where I got to meet so many different kinds of fishes. I got to see up close the “me-size” fishes from the Amazon and meet some pretty butterflies in the Rainforest. My favourite, of course, were those crazy, energetic dolphins. I must admit that the belugas scared me, though. It’s the jiggley melons they have that really don’t appeal to me. The past month we also helped daddy celebrate his birthday, which included a free meal at Denny’s.

In my ripe age of 18 months, I have become more talkative, mischievous and a smart alec. I sing, I count, and just utter gibberish all the time and I love it. I learned how to play “Ring-Around-The-Rosie” and can do the all the actions for the “Wheels on the Bus”. My favourite activities these days include helping daddy water the garden and kicking my soccer ball outside.

Caleb and I are getting along smashingly as whenever we are together we hold hands and run around to our hearts content. Mind you me knees can attest to how fast you can go it you have couple more years to practice running.

We have been trying to enjoy the summer weather as much as we can and trying to sleep in this heat has been challenging for all of us. That’s okay though, it gives me a great excuse to get up at 6am. You know, so I can get an early start to the day and do more!

We have a gazillion (okay not that many) more pictures posted so be sure to check them out!! A few more months and those pictures won’t be solo and mommy says I will have to share my limelight with another Baby Cho!!
A “We’ll Miss You” goes out to Auntie Ana and her family as they are headed back to Slovenia to be with their family and friends!! Families are the best and you can’t beat it!!! We look forward to seeing you there when I am old enough to enjoy the travels of Europe!!

A “Congratulations!” goes out to Auntie Kathy, Uncle Chad and Payten for welcoming baby Elliot to their family!

Posted by: thechos | May 12, 2007

Ah-Wah-Wah from Ha-Wee-Wee

(Translation Kiyah speak, “Aloha from Hawaii”)Sorry it’s been so long since I have had a post up! We have a somewhat valid reason though. I got to go on my very first plane ride and we headed to the sunny islands of Hawaii. Mommy and daddy said it was about time that I experienced the taste of travel, also since I am still free to fly. They didn’t want to get started to early or I would be absolutely addicted to travelling and then they wouldn’t be able to afford me.
We headed to the island of Oahu with Gong gong, Mah mah and Yea yea! Paw paw, unfortunately was working! Okay, so my trip started a little rough and lets just say my first plane ride was most memorable for mommy since my dinner ended up all over her clothes and hair. That was the worst part of the whole trip and everything else was sun and food after that. We started our trip with a 10-day cruise around the Hawaiian Islands and then stayed a few more days in Honolulu after that. I love the sun, the sand and people. I had a great time.
I love cruising! They say cruising is for old people but I have to differ. What more could you ask for if you have a place that offers 24 hour food and a ship full of people for non-stop talking. I met people from North Carolina, South Carolina, Philippines, and all over the USA. I danced, I laughed, I cried! I learned some hula while I was on board as well. I made friendly with all the staff and they recognized me everywhere I went!
There were so many firsts on this trip like my first taste of juice, ride on the bus, stay in a hotel, swim in the ocean, play at the beach, taste of fast food; salad, french toast, cannelloni, and my first ever sandal tan. The list is endless! Needless to say, I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. I got to swim in the prettiest ocean I have ever seen in Fanning Island. The water was warm and clear and the sun was shining down.
We went to the zoo in Honolulu and I got to seem so many different animals. I think my most favourite was the big elephants and the monkeys that screamed. I also discovered my paralysing fear of birds. I don’t mind looking at them when they are flying or far enough away but when they get too close they scare me! This apparently is a fear that daddy said mommy has passed on to me.
We hiked up Diamond Head Crater. Actually, it was more like mommy and daddy hiked up with me on their backs. The view from the top was absolutely breath taking. We do have to say a big thank-you to the strangers that gave us a ride back down to the bus stop!
Did I mention that I like salad, a delicious, Chinoise chicken salad from Wolfgang express….yummy!! This trip definitely opened my eyes up to new experiences, not to mention the new challenges for mommy and daddy travelling with me. This definitely won’t be our last trip and I am looking forward to many more. I need to fill up my passport with stamps especially since mommy and daddy waited 4 hours in line to get it!

Make sure to check out our Hawaii pics!
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Old MacDonald Had a Farm, “I-E-I-E-O”

Another concert to add to my musical repertoire. Mommy, Daddy and I made it to yet another Tiny Tots concert. This time it was the wonderful folk music of Bartok. I was great! I even sang along to “Old MacDonald” not a Bartok piece but a fun song none-the-less. The only problem is that the whole “E-I-E-I-O” part comes out as “I-E-I-E-O”. It all sounds the same right? I did however, join in with the “quack, quack, here…” except I was a little late and missed a beat and ended up quaking when everyone else had stopped. The lady in front of me laughed and so did mommy and daddy. Perhaps this is a sign that being a lead singer in a rock band might not pan out but I have more years to practice.

This month has been full of talking, swimming and reading. Mommy says I have been talking up a storm even talking and laughing to myself in the car. Is that weird? My head is just spinning with thoughts, like “What’s that outside? Is that a dog? Yeah, dog! No Mommy says that’s a bird. Oh, yeah! A bird…silly!! (Laugh, laugh, giggle).” Some may say it’s a sign of mental health and others say imagination. Mommy says talking lots is a trait of the Cho’s and Daddy says that’s all Mommy’s genes. Either way, I will continue to talk regardless. My favourite is saying “hi” to random strangers. See it’s a game, I tally how many times people will say “hi” back and how many times I can get a single stranger to say “hi” repeatedly. Four would be the highest!! Adults…you can get them to do anything just as long as you flash them a smile.

Mommy and daddy took me swimming in my very first public swim. I loved it! The pool was warm; there were lots of toys and water all around. They put on me a lifejacket and I played to my hearts content. I even floated on my back unassisted and started to kick. Okay, so I didn’t get far but I kind of swam on my own. I can’t wait to get back to the pool! Yippee, for not swallowing any pool water!

I have also been reading lots too. Mommy and daddy took me to the library and I got to borrow some books with my very own library card. Wow, the library has so many selections. I got to pick my own but mind you I was picking all the books that were at my height and I think I was taking too many because mommy put quite a few back. We settled on about 8 books. My favourites so far, are “The Wheels on the Bus” and “The White Duck”.
That’s it for this post! Oh yeah, daddy got a spiffy new camera so he’s been trying to take more pictures of me! I think not so much because it’s me but because he’s looking for a model! “Look Fierce!!”

Posted by: thechos | March 4, 2007

Post-Its and Mall Walking

Well, I have managed to survive this entire month without being in the constant care of mommy. With the willing help of Auntie Mars, grandma and grandpa, mommy and daddy can go to work without worrying too much about me. Except that grandma doesn’t know about the entire array of my wardrobe and sometimes dresses me a little funny. Who knew that a striped multi-pink sweater looked good with a red patterned vest and brown pants? That’s okay though because she does my laundry and chores around our house without being asked so mommy doesn’t complain about it. When mommy first went back to work, when she got home I stuck to her like Velcro. I wouldn’t let her out of sight and touch until I had to sleep. I am happy to report my Velcro has now turned into more of a Post-it. I stick when I want to and then I go somewhere else and then return if it’s important.

My walking has definitely improved. No more crawling for me. I can even walk with shoes on. My favourite place to walk is…any guesses, the mall. I love the mall walking. There are so many people and places to explore. I am a little slow though so mommy and daddy prefer me in the stroller. I think daddy just wants to prevent me from honing in on my shopping skills. Don’t worry daddy, mommy and I had lots of practice when she was off.
Anyway, I got to celebrate Chinese New Year with the family and added to the travelling…I mean, college fund. I have been working on my vocabulary as always and added a couple more phrases and words such as “good job”, “good girl”, “pineapple“, “I love you (which sounds like “I-you”)” and a few other ones. Uncle in Chinese is a bit hard for me to say so when I call my Uncle Jeremy it sounds a little like “baboon”. Everyone always laughs at me though…even Uncle Jer.

I have been reading lots of books. I just jabber on and mommy and daddy just sit and listen. Sometimes they have to help me turn the books right side up though. No matter, I just continue reading anyway. I tell great stories.

Oh, we got to help welcome Baby Jackson into the world this month. With much fan-fare and anticipation he arrived cute and healthy. I haven’t got a chance to visit him yet but according to mommy and daddy he’s really cute and he’s got a nursery that any baby would envy.

Well I should be going because this post is going to turn into a novel. Hopefully, mommy will be less busy this month and add an additional post!

Posted by: thechos | January 30, 2007

Best Foot Forward

Can you believe a whole month has already passed since Christmas? Time sure does fly by quickly. Before you know it, summer will be here!! Ice cream, swimming pools and beaches…I can’t wait!!

Now, I can see why we were blogging every week. So many things have happened since my last post. This is the last week before mommy heads back to work. We have had many outings and shopping trips in the last couple weeks. Mommy says it’s because there are so many post-Christmas sales out there but daddy insists it’s because mommy’s credit card is burning a whole in her purse. Right daddy?!!

My big news: I have begun to walk! A couple weeks after my birthday I thought it was time to get those knees up and working and started taking my first steps. It was actually a gift for mommy so that she could see them before she was back at work. I still prefer to crawl because I can scoot along really quickly but of course the parents prefer me on my feet. I oblige, but it does take lots of muscles to keep myself balanced. Working on those quads and my core!! I haven’t committed 100% to walking yet because sometimes the hardwood or tile floors can be scary. I already got a fat lip from taking a tumble at the Wu’s. I have also begun a potty regime and have already got the whole poo-thing under control. I tell mommy when I have to go and I get to read books and play with toys while I sit and do my business. I think the walking is more significant but mommy and daddy get so excited when I use the potty. Who knew that making a trip to the washroom would generate so much applause?

We visited Auntie Leah and Uncle Mike and met their big dog, Kona. He scared me a little because he was bigger than me but now I point out all the “woe woes” (dog in chinese) that I see. My vocabulary is expanding exponentially. Daddy nearly taught me a bad word because he didn’t think I was listening so I repeated it. Good thing for him I have already forgotten it but now mommy and daddy are very careful about the words they use around me.

I also got to help Caleb celebrate his 3rd birthday, (boy, he’s old!) and Micah and I shared our first taste of chocolate!! Yummy!! I see a very great friendship developing…with Micah as well of course.

Posted by: thechos | December 29, 2006

A Year To Remember

In Kiyah’s words I would have to say “WOOOW!” Has it been a whole year (already)? Yes, you guessed it! It’s me, Kiyah’s mommy. I thought I would save this anniversary post for a few of my words and a recap of things I have learnt this year as a mom! I was looking back thinking that a whole year ago, after 9 months of anticipation, 36 hours of labour, exhausted, and overjoyed, I got to hold my daughter for the very first time. Only an hour old, and I knew I was in love for a lifetime. In love with those tiny fingers and bitty toes, the dark black hair, that of course eventually thinned out but is growing back, the cute little button nose and of course the mirror image of daddy’s lips.
Little did I know what would be in store for Kenny and me. Sleep deprivation being the haze that made up my first few months of motherhood. Days of bliss when Kiyah would sleep for 5 hours straight during the day anywhere, anytime and nights of frustration when she would decide 3am was a perfect time to get up and play. Singing “Amazing Grace” fifty times over while bouncing on an exercise ball to lull her back to sleep. Being peed on, pooped on, puked on, used as a human Kleenex and no longer flinching at the sight of any of it. Learning that I needed to wait at least 10 minutes after hearing the first signs of poop because there was sure more to come (3 diapers in 15 minutes…that’s how I learnt that one!) Being overjoyed when she learned to roll over but cursing when she would do it insistently while getting her diaper changed. Knowing that if I left “on time” with her anywhere we would be arriving 15-30 minutes late because a diaper needed to be changed or something important of hers was forgotten. Learning that a favourite food yesterday, doesn’t mean it would be today. Dressing her in all pink and still being told that we have a “handsome little guy”! Knowing that her finding her voice also meant top of the lung screeching in public places. Realizing that her discovery of mobility meant endless chasing and baby proofing of the entire house. Finding that all the books I read, articles that I researched, websites that I crossed referenced would be merely an index not a manual on how to raise her and ultimately, I would have to trust our own instincts (scary!) Although, my first year as a mom provided me far more challenges than I could have ever imagined or anticipated, God truly blessed me with a motherhood that provided me far greater joy than I could have ever asked for.

Seeing her eyes light up whenever we walked into the room. Knowing that I could fix a boo-boo by simply giving her a big hug. Making her giggle with delight by simply jumping up and down and saying “cha!” Watching her play and making her own discoveries and knowing her mind and imagination are tinkering away. Understanding her personality and knowing that she is easy-going like daddy. Hearing her say “hi” to daddy on the telephone or waving to her toy vacuum cleaner when it said “bye-bye”. Knowing that she would squeal with delight the second she got to splash in her bathtub and play with her rubber ducky. Watching her give hugs to other kids with so much enthusiasm that it would knock them down. Enjoying her company on a Saturday morning when she would try and wake daddy by pulling on his lips. Simply watching her sleep and hoping that she was dreaming about us. Better yet, seeing her sleep with her bum in the air, an apparent trademark of mine when I was little. Hearing her little voice as she’s now starting to say and copy so many words, especially when things make her say “WOOOW!” Seeing her use sign language and secretly thinking she’s a smart kid but not wanting to jinx it. Overjoyed when she said “peez” and thank-you without being asked. Watching her take a ride down the slide with her eyes closed and filled with pure excitement. Proud that she has such a great fondness for music and hoping it’s not a heavy metal rock band that she decides is going to be her career path. Knowing that her love for us in unconditional, true and pure, simply because we are her parents.

What a blessed year we have had. Knowing that she has a lifetime of hopes and dreams to fulfill, Kenny and I are anticipating being able to share those moments with her. We thank all of our family and friends for all their love and support this past year. We couldn’t have asked God for a better child than what he has bestowed to us in Kiyah and for the friends He’s given to us in you. We also thank all of you who faithfully check out her blog. It has been so much fun for Kiyah and I to keep you posted on all her progress and happenings!

Although this marks post #52, with my return back to work blogging her every milestone will definitely be hampered. Now, if only the grandparents could be technically savvy we would be all set. Kenny and I are just thankful that they are willing to care for Kiyah while we are at work.
Have a wonderful New Year and I will try my best to help Kiyah keep you well informed about all her accomplishments (hopefully once or twice a month)!

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Duffy and Ruddy Nose

Being sick is not fun! I have been sick for the last week and have just been plain miserable. I do have to say the Christmas presents have helped a little. The duffy and ruddy nose have been making my nose all red and sore and the hacking cough haven’t helped much either. The fever is finally breaking but I still don’t feel like my chipper self. What a way to spend my first Christmas!

It was great to celebrate Christmas with both the Cho’s and the Phung’s but because I wasn’t feeling like my usual self it was hard to get into the festive mood. Sleeping has been a bit hard but I do have to say that I have been getting extra cuddles and snuggles from everyone especially mommy. I have been clinging to her like the loops on Velcro. I have been extra sensitive too because of this yucky cold that everything seems to bring me to tears! No worries, I have managed to crack a few smiles. I have been working on my “hi” and have pretty much been saying “hi” to daddy every time I see him. This happens in conjunction with my “beauty queen” wave. Mommy’s been teaching me to say “please” and “jea jea” (thank-you in Chinese). I am still working on the pronunciation but sometimes the please comes out as “peas” or “cheese”. I have been picking up a few more great words to add to my vocab, including “wow” and “go”. Anyway, we are keeping this post short so I can get some more rest and recover in time for my birthday!

Keep warm and make sure the cold and flu bugs stay away!

PS You aren’t seeing doubles! Auntie Char bought Micah and I new dresses from New York! Who said you can’t be sick and still look cute! The second picture is me and my Auntie Char!
Posted by: thechos | December 17, 2006

It’s My Party…

…And I could cry if I want to but I didn’t!! This week marked the beginning to a great tradition, my birthday parties. You can never be too old to have lots of food, yummy birthday cake and great company. Mommy spent the week preparing for my weekend merrymaking. We celebrated the big event a little early but it’s to ensure that we aren’t interfering with everyone’s Christmas plans. I guess it’s the downfall with being born so close to Christmas you have to compete with all that turkey and holiday cheer. No worries though mommy and I just need to convince daddy that we just need to have bigger better venues for my birthday. I am eyeing an all-inclusive or Disney World as a potential venue for future birthday parties.

As for the party, I didn’t know what to make of all the food and decorations at first but when people started arriving I thought “great!” another fun play date. It’s when they stuck me in front of my birthday cake that I figured it was no ordinary play date. Needless to say, although I didn’t get to taste the white butter cream, chocolate birthday cake I did get a taste of my first sweet delectable treat. Mommy made especially for me an organic apple cinnamon cake to share with all the other babies at the party. It was yummy and I loved it! She even saved me leftovers so I could have some more tomorrow. I could get use to this whole sweet tooth thing but not too early because I still want to have teeth into my teens.

It was a great party and I had lots of fun! I could see myself getting use to these soirees.

December babies make sure that not only do you celebrate Christmas but also the joy of great company and good food for your birthdays as well!

Posted by: thechos | December 11, 2006

Up, Up and Away

I am on my way to taking my first steps. They haven’t happened yet but I think I can feel them coming. I have been really practicing on the whole standing thing and have managed to length my times up so that mommy can take pictures of me. Yippee!! For the sense of balance (and well padded diapers when you fall!)

It’s finally up! I woke up this morning and to my surprise Christmas decorations were around the house. I especially loved the baubles hanging on the tree and the lights…oh I am just getting excited talking about it. This will be my official first Christmas! Although, my parents would have loved for me to arrive before Christmas last year, I thought I would give mommy the opportunity to do her Boxing Day shopping. At least I came before the new year!

Mommy and I managed to get out for a couple play dates this week. We went to Kidzone, a play centre, and it was cool. I was a little scared at first but once I got familiar with my surroundings, I really enjoyed it. Even mommy was ready to climb the indoor adventure playground but she had to watch me. I stuck to her like glue! You know she can’t go and have too much fun without me! We also got to go over to Jacob’s place and visit baby Katelyn.

We have also been busy getting ready for my birthday party. Dad of course thinks that mommy is going a little overboard but a girl only turns one once, right? I can’t wait and neither can mommy. We also attended Brandon’s piano recital this weekend. His very first one and he played “Jingle Bells” wonderfully with the accompaniment of Auntie “C”.

That’s it for this week! Have a great week!

P.S. Only 18 more sleeps till the big day!
Posted by: thechos | December 3, 2006

It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas…

Wow! What a couple of snow days we had. This week mommy and I stayed home and kept warm while we looked at all the snow from the comforts of our living room. It was so beautiful and I loved watching it come down. I got to go outside for my first snowfall and go for a little walk with mommy and daddy. Mommy decided to pull on one of our tree branches and a whole pile of snow came down on us. I loved it! I watched the kids across the street build a snowman and wished I could be out there with them. Mommy reassures me that I will be allowed to go out there once I can start standing on my own two feet.

I have been working on this all week. I even stood up on my own and lunged safely for the couch. Mommy and daddy have had the camcorder aimed and ready to see if they could catch me in action. They managed to sneak a couple videos of me standing on my own. I would youtube it but I don’t think too many people would be interested in watching since there are so many other interesting videos on there.

Anyway, I have learned how to fake cry and fake laugh but for some reason I don’t think mommy and daddy are buying it. I think I still need to work on some authentic tears and then they may fall for it. For now they just laugh at me.

Oh and I got to go to my first Christmas party. I had lots of fun and even got to open my own present. I think I am really going to like this opening presents thing. Thanks for the super fun ball and book, Tatum and Tyson!

Well the countdown officially begins; only 26 more sleeps till my birthday! Have a great week and make sure not to eat the brown snow!

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