Posted by: thechos | March 24, 2008

She Loves Me…Yah-Yah-Yah!!

Mommy, daddy and I have had a few discussions of how unfair second and subsequent born kids always get the short end of the stick. Pictures being taken are seemingly fewer, extra diligent care and attention seem a little sparser, and attentiveness to every cry and whimper is not dealt with as immediately.
It is only fair that I be given the opportunity to do a little blogging of my own. That’s right; it’s Mattie’s turn to write a bit about life. Mommy’s going to help me get a little more into this whole blogging thing. I can’t let Yah-Yah (or a.k.a “Ga-Jea” – older sister) do all the speaking for us. As for me, sleeping is my most favourite past time and has allowed me to grow steadily. A girl needs as much beauty rest as she can get. I am recognizing more and more faces and love to smile at all those who smile at me. You can even catch some giggles from me occasionally. Aside from mommy and daddy, I think I get the most kisses from Ga-Jea. She loves kissing, hugging, and holding me. She loves me so much that she even shares her colds with me!! I don’t mind her so much right now because she’s actually quite an interesting girl. She sings and dances for me and even helps me out when I am unhappy. She rocks the bouncy chair and also puts the binky into my mouth when I need it. Mommy does have to always remind her to be gentle with me though. There have been a couple near misses as a few too many bounces on my parents’ bed have landed her pretty close to me.
I am holding my head pretty steady now and always want to sit up. I can even hold it up when I am on my tummy. I do have to admit that tummy time is definitely not my most favourite thing to do. Ga-Jea usually joins me for that because she loves the play mat; I think more than I do. She really seems to enjoy all my toys and of course mommy has to remind her they aren’t hers and that I am sharing them with her. Don’t tell her but most of the toys were hers when she was my age.
We finally managed to get Ga-Jea into her into her big girl bed and her new room. She’s been sleeping in it for a couple weeks. Yippee for me having my own bed! I haven’t slept in it yet, though. I think mommy’s holding onto me in her room for a bit longer. Apparently, she had a hard time leaving Ga-Jea alone in her room at first as well.
We managed to register and make it to music class. Thanks to Auntie Joyce for encouraging us to join. It’s great to be able to get out to do some singing and dancing. We go to art class as well but I am a still too young to use the glue sticks and paint brushes. Ga-Jea’s favourite things are the googleey-eyes on all her projects. She’s always asking, “Mommy, where are the eyes?” Appropriate for animals, but not so much for a castle or tree.
We also made it to a wonderful Charlotte Diamond concert. It was lots of funny. We went with Auntie Mars, Caleb and Micah. Eden stayed home with her “Paw-Paw”. Auntie Mars thought she would be happier at home, Eden that is. The older kids had a lot of fun singing and dancing. I watched about half of it and then fell asleep. You know being unable to sing or dance makes the music not as exciting. That’s my update for now. I will be sure to keep you all posted so you just don’t get only Ga-Jea’s point of view. Don`t forget to check out daddy`s newest obsession; his camera and of course picture of us girls!
So long for now!!


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