Posted by: thechos | February 22, 2008

Stuck On You

It’s been said that having one child to contend with is lots of work but having two the work some how triples or quadruples. While some may call it obsessive complusive tendecies, mommy likes to think of herself as organized. She’s finding that getting organized with us two girls has been a bit of a challenge and at times a bit stressful. Getting out of the house requires a bit of preparation and a lot of cooperation from me. A bit of an off day from me can cause us to be out of the house an hour later than mommy planned. A trip to the potty on the way out, a search for a toy to take in the car ride, refusal to put on shoes instead of my snowboots on a bright sunny day, Mattie needing a diaper change, and before you know it we are late. We have definitely been making more trips out and the panic that use to run through mommy while out with us has disappeared. We’ve been to the library for story time, we done a few grocery shopping trips, and we even went to Abbostford for a playdate with Payten, Elliot and Nikki.
Sorry, it’s been a while since our last update. Getting to the computer has been a bit of a challenge for mommy. This mat leave mommy has been finding that watching daytime TV, napping and anything computer related are no longer options for her during the day. Of course us girls have our schedules timed so that mommy never has to feel alone or think that it’s too quiet in the house.
The past month we’ve been enjoying the snow with my first sledding experience. Mommy and daddy took me to the park close to Paw Paw and Gong Gong’s house and I had a wonderful time. I made them go up and down over and over again. I know that mommy and daddy had a great time and think they secretly went sledding just for themselves but needed me as an excuse. We also built a snow family and realized that I really love playing in the snow!

Mattie has been doing well and managed to catch a cold from me. Okay, I admit it! It’s from all those kisses I give her because it’s so hard to resist those chubby cheeks. She’s been working very hard to build up all her little rolls and super cute chubbies. She’s been sleeping a whole lot and finally has started to be more awake. She’s been talking and smiling, gooing and awing. She smiles at all of us when we talk to her. Daddy’s seems to be her most favourite right now but not to worry, it won’t take much time for us to convince her that the girls are just as fun!
She did have her first set of shots and she didn’t see them coming. I tried to warn her but I guess you don’t know until you experience it yourself. There were many tears but lots of hugs and kisses from us to help her through it. Watch out , sister! There’s a few more sets to come! Mattie has also learned to take the bottle and found out how comforting a binky (pacifier) can really be.

So my newest craze is a very strong fondness or shall I say obsession with stickers and bandages. They are both along the same family of stickiness. Stickers can be found in most corners of our house, in the car, on your socks or even on your clothes. They just seem to stick all over you. I guess it doesn’t help if I get a hold of a whole book and go wild. At any one point, I can stick a whole page of stickers on my entire body. Sometimes they end up on Mattie but Mommy makes me take them off right away because she says Mattie doesn’t like them. Give Mattie a year or so and I will show her how much fun they really are. Who knows perhaps this is a start to bigger and more permanent expressions of my personal art, tatoos!!! Right, Sam Yee!
Anyway, that’s it for this post! Don’t be suprised if you happen to step or sit on a sticker because it probably was me who put it there for your enjoyment!



  1. those were some cool shades you had on in that photo, kiyah =)

    and you’re right about stickers. they’re super fun and can make the world a better place. do you like the scratch-n-sniff ones? those were auntie char’s favourites when she was your age.

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