Posted by: thechos | September 14, 2007

Big Girls Don’t…

…wear diapers. What do you get when you are sans diapers and go potty in the toilet? Yep, you got it a Big Girl with a trim booty. No more wet, saggy diaper bum. Mommy decided that I had been diapers long enough and wanted me to move onto the next step using the potty. Okay, so I am not perfect and I am just starting but you know my small bladder, and my distracted mind don’t always get me to the potty in time and I have had some accidents. But what do you expect when you get really mesmerized by the Mr. Potato Head with the big googly eyes or if you have accidentally put Mr. Potato head in heels and given the Mrs. the moustache. I do have to admit that I still have a fear about public washrooms. I definitely pick and choose the bathrooms that I think are safe to go in and defiantly refuse the shady looking ones. Mommy urges, pleads and bribes but she won’t get me into a dimly lit, smelly bathroom.

Well since my last post mommy, daddy and I went on a road trip down to the Oregon Coast. We stayed close to Seaside in a small town called Gearhart. We rented a little seaside cottage and I had so much fun. I loved the beach and sand, even the freezing cold water. The temperature definitely couldn’t keep me away from dipping my feet into the ocean. I actually had trouble getting to the beach because the sandy path leading to the beach was enough of a distraction that I had to stop and play all along the way. We did lots of shopping and of course had many lazy days just lounging around. It’s so much fun to have mommy and daddy around 24X7. We definitely need to do that more often.

Mommy’s tummy is definitely getting bigger and I often take a peek under her shirt to see if I can see the baby. I put my ear up to her tummy to talk to the baby and mommy says that the baby kicks whenever it hears my voice. Apparently, the baby already likes me better than daddy. I think we are going to get along smashingly. I give it kisses through mommy’s tummy and definitely love to give her tummy lots of hugs.
I have also learnt to count to ten in English and Chinese and learned to sing the alphabet song. The alphabet song sounds a little like this “H, I, J, K, M, M,N, P”. I also have found a CD that I absolutely love and insist that we play in the car. Yeah, so I may ask for the same song to be repeated the entire car trip. If you aren’t ready to hear a song 10 times over you may not want to ride with us but you never know you may want to sing along. The tunes are catchy. I have also learned to car dance. I have some great car dance moves.
Enjoy the rest of the sunny weather. We have lots of great new pics, check them out!


  1. thanks for updating, kiyah =)

    don’t worry too much about your fear for public washrooms. auntie char got a friend who has “stage frights” when she needs to use public facilities… and this friend is 12x older than you 😉

    i promise you won’t be afraid much longer. sure, you might not like them, but you’ll learn to tolerate them =)

    looking forward to seeing you drag uncle gary down the sanctuary aisle!

  2. Oh Kiyah! i can’t believe how fast you’ve grown! First the potty…then school…then BOYS! (oh wait…you’re already there–sorry Dad) You’re leaps and bounds ahead of Auntie Em. (sometimes I still don’t like boys too much…) =)

    Watch out for those tricky toilet-look-alikes. That’s not exactly reverse flushing…stay away from the splash-zone! =)

  3. Gret pictures from Oregon. I can’t wait to see your new baby Kiyah!
    Ana XOX

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